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Rules are rules.


Yes good. All ripple/current/gembond:

Orange/Orange/Sunshine boy

Snnshine/Gold/Sunshine boy

Another Orange/Orange/Sunshine boy

Sunehine/Orange/Sunshne boy

Orange/Gold/Sunshine girl

All in the AH! Lair link for convenience, have some ugly tundras (and gorgeous imps) as well.


What if other dragon breeds were fluffy?

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God, I love my flight.

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Also does anyone else hope the festival apparel is a lab coat

If it’s anything BUT a labcoat I will be vociferously asspained.

Stormcatcher has a lot of exalts. The fact that Lightning Flight refers to them as “interns” reflects how he tends to view them as his employees. However, he still tries his best to learn and remember all of their names.

He does.

Poor Trustywing.



Original idea by frstraekitty

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My knees hurt SO BAD from pushing past my disability limits this weekend to try and help unpack and moving things in the new house. To make me feel better, people should show me their disabled/injured/etc dragons! Please!! 

First: good for you! I just recently moved myself so I know how arduous it is. Just take it a day at a time from here on, celebrate your accomplishments and rest when you can. Now…

Napoleon was partly blinded in a science accident at a young age, he relies a lot on his mate Tchoupitoulas for navigation - both on and off the battlefield. He keeps fighting, though,and every day he gets closer and closer to reaching his beloved’s lever of strength and speed. His scars are his pride, his corsage is his valor.

Dauphine’s disability is more mental than physical: her world is one of anxieties, and it’s far too easy for her to literally tie herself in knots over them. Like Napoleon, though, she has an understanding mate and parents still in the lair to help her settle. Some days are bad, others are all right, and she treasures each one as a lesson to be learned from.

Terrorbolt and Bunnycruncher.

Perfect couple tbh.