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Guys I am going on vacation and will have extremely limited internet access starting tomorrow and going through next Sunday. SO: I’m going to be quiet  here and my dragons will probably get hungry, but I haven’t quit or suffered some accident. 

Stay dazzing, FR, I’ll see you on the flip side!

mask-fr said: I… may have a good rainbow vomit derg for you if you’d want him. Emerald/pink/sunshine. 

Not sure if I’m feeling THAT rainbow vomit-y, but thanks anyway bb <3

MEANWHILE I put clothes on Quisaadi and

Yes. Good. She and Hau will be delightfully weird together.

Clearly I am losing any and all sense of what even I am doing with my lair. Except embracing the sudden urge for rainbow vomit dragons. I’ve even completely ditched my name theme.

….Supervisor and Chancelor are going to get the boot soon. I’d bounce Whippersnapper too but he’s Whippersnapper, first of his name.

Behold my new heir. She was produced deep in Altitonant’s labs with genetic material provided by Supervisor themself, and she has been declared a perfect specimen. For some reason.

Her name is Ruby and I’m gonna breed her with Riot and make terrifying fluffbabies.For. Science.


Seriously wondering if there would be interest for me to do doodles like the one I did for moon for like 7-10k (maybe lower not sure) since they don’t take any longer than 10 minutes. I mean, I can do more detail- but I’d have to negotiate higher prices. I’ve asked this before but-

I dunno, would anyone be interested?

I always like doodles, and the one of moon was gorgeous so yeah. Vote of interest here!

We all know the rules:

Oh. My.

oh no he’s lovely


Anyone have genderqueer dragons they want to talk about? I don’t atm, just having kind of a hard day from getting misprounouned..

Hi here’s the curent leader of my clan. They’re basically a badass:

Supervisor of Clan Altitonant. Wolf-enthusiast. Collector of pretty things, where “pretty” tends to mean “terrifying”. They have declined to take a name, certain that once this infant new age reaches its true potential names will be meaningless. Within the lair they are known referred to simply as Supervisor.

Always accompanied by their assistant Whippersnapper, their equally nameless skydancer apprentice, and advised by the geneticist Foucher.



[ NERD INTENSIFIES ] Raw’s still a bab but when he grows up he willget all the extra fluff. Every fluff.

oh shit son

i think your glitch needs some kind of accent for his head tho

NGL he absolutely does.

[ NERD INTENSIFIES ] Raw’s still a bab but when he grows up he willget all the extra fluff. Every fluff.